clearly the best shop management software package available....
    • "clearly the best shop management software package available...."
    • "Since implementing TeeCal in 2008, Houston Screen Print believes that TeeCal is clearly the best shop management software package available to the screen printing industry. From entering customer information, creating quotes or invoices, detailing out production information, and receiving payments TeeCal continues to make it easy to make sure our business is running efficiently as possible.

      With just a quick glance at the Console we can have a bird's eye view of our current production state. The design, layout and features are well thought out and flow nicely with the way a print shop does business. The customer information screen captures all the relevant information you need and even allows for multiple customer contacts within the same company or organization. This is perfect when dealing with large corporate clients or schools where you don't always deal with the same individual or department. The quoting and invoice screen allows for quick entering of job details along with the ability to choose products from the included major wholesale garment supplier catalogs. Inputting job production details are just as easy and TeeCal has the flexibility to handle multiple production groups under the same customer invoice. While keeping track of the standard screen mesh, ink, and setup for each production group and allowing the customer to take advantage of quantity discounts because the total shirt count falls under one invoice.

      Support for TeeCal has also been exceptional. Rarely do you have to call them up for support, but when you do they are always ready to help get things back on track. Most of my calls have been to ask for a new option or feature which they surprisingly have been very accommodating with, something you don't usually find from a software company. Backing up my data has never been easier since all my company information is stored in one directory location.

      If you are just starting out or already operating a large shop, you owe it to yourself to check out TeeCal. I think you will find out as we have that TeeCal offers more features at a lesser price then some of the other shop management packages around. Make the switch...We did...And are very happy!"
    • from Houston Screen Print - by JR Gautreaux -
    • "the best customer service by far...."
    • "I need to let you know how much I have appreciated your help over the past year. Tee-Cal has been the best billing software we have ever used. It does so much more than we ever expected. We are still finding new tools that help us complete and track our jobs. After maintaining all of our order details using our handwritten tickets and notes in the past, it has taken a while to break old habits, but your software does a much better job than our paper system and it doesn't have near as much trouble keeping track of order details. You have had the best customer service by far. Even after a solid month of us struggling with our new server and experiencing two server crashes, I was always met with a pleasant voice and an attitude of understanding. You will never know how much that has meant to our organization. Keep up the good work. Thanks"
    • from Simply Teerific - by Terry Owen
    • "Teecal is a life saver!  WE LOVE IT!"
    • "Teecal is a life saver! We used to try and manage our our orders with an excel sheet, to no avail. When I found out about Teecal, I was at first skeptical that a program that is so affordable could do everything that is says it can, BOY WAS I WRONG! Teecal is the heart and soul of our business. We have increased productivity, simplified order entry, made scheduling a cinch and streamlined the purchaseing process. Having software specifically for apparel decoraters is a MUST for any business in our industry. And at this price is is a no brainer! To sum it up in 3 words: WE LOVE IT!"
    • by Evan
    • the best part... is the customer service provided by you and your team
    • "I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are very pleased with our purchase of the TeeCal software. For 30 years this company has been run as a mom and pop shop with an impossible paper tracking system and quotes given from the hip with no consistency. When we were searching for an affordable business management system we had looked at a few options but stopped after you had taken the time to explain all of the benefits that TeeCal had to offer. The price was well worth the investment and we’ve saved tons of time by implementing your software. We’ve been able to successfully implement quicker and accurate turn times. I love being able to attach images of the artwork to the production sheets as well as being able to look up previous orders without having to dig through mountains of files. Emailing quotes and invoices while using the pricing matrixes has given us the consistency we have so desperately been looking for. But to be honest, the best part about having TeeCal as our business management system is the customer service provided by you and your team. Your quick responses and personal touch have made us very happy customers and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with TeeCal. Congratulations on making a fantastic product and for going above and beyond the call of duty in the service department."
    • from Waist Up Imprinted Sportswear - by Don Banks