TeeCal Features

Customer & Contact Management
The Customers screen allows you to view and store unlimited customers and contacts.  Designed for flexibility you are able to view the customer's history which includes past quotes, invoices, payments and refunds.
Express Checkout
The Express Checkout feature operates much like a cash register or point of sale system.  You are able to enter items from your store front inventory or manually input items.  This is great for shops which have preprinted items for sale in their store front. The Express Checkout feature does not require you to enter a customer or contact, does not have production sheets, and is designed to be used for point of sale type transactions.
TeeCal's Invoicing system provides you with the ability to price multiple production jobs on one invoice by using production groups. TeeCal Invoicing system also allows you to price Screen Printing, Embroidery, Direct to Garment and Heat Press jobs all within one invoice.  With one click you can add the invoice's products to the purchase list.  You are also able to create production sheets and updated production status right from the invoice screen. We also made artwork approval easy by tying it to the invoice.
With our flexible pricing structure you have complete control of the way YOU price. With multiple markups and pricing grids you have the ability to set your pricing structured around your business. You have the ability to override pricing on the invoice at any time. Manual input gives you the ability to sell anything out of the ordinary or something that is not in your catalog.
The TeeCal provided vendor catalogs are downloadable from the Catalog Manager which can be found on the Admin screen. We normally provide a few of the more common catalogs such as Alpha, Broder, Staton, Sanmar, Teamwork, etc... If you need a catalog that isn't listed in the catalog download list please follow the instructions below.
1. Contact the vendor and request a 3 column price list in excel format.
2. Email that price list to support@teecal.com.
3. We will then attempt to convert it and make it available for you to download through the TeeCal Catalog Manager.
Teecal gives you two types of inventory. The first is the items from catalogs (t-shirts, polo’s etc.) that will be used for future printing or items you stock. The second is our store front inventory. This area is for businesses that have preprinted items for sale in their store front. By adding an item to an invoice from store front inventory it will automatically be removed from the store front inventory. This gives you complete control over your store front items.
Purchase Orders
With our system you can compile a list throughout the day by clicking one button on the invoice (add products to purchase list). When you're ready to create a P/O you have the ability to select what products go to the supplier of your choice. How many times have you placed an order and your supplier is out of stock. No more worries, simply change the supplier and place your order. You also have the control to combine like items in the print view for faxing or e-mailing to your supplier.
Calendars and Scheduling
In our scheduling area you can view production dates, due dates, and custom appointments. You have the ability to add personal/business appointments to the schedule. When ready to view the schedule you are provided with several different views including daily view, weekly view, and monthly view.
The sky is the limit with our reporting. View quotes by customer, date, or all. Our invoice reports are very detailed. We give you the ability to view by open, unpaid, customer, contact, invoice status, production date, due date, and all net 30 accounts. Also in the reports area you have access to financial reports. Financial reports can be password protected from the Control Panel. Within financial reports you can view and pay sales tax, gross profit by date, payments, refunds, customer/contact credits, and commissions by sales reps.
The vendor portion of the software is used to store vendor contact information. This information is also linked to the Purchase Order system which allows you to select your vendor/supplier from your vendors list when creating or updating a purchase order.
Console (Management and Tracking)
Our console is our strongest tool on the market. The console allows you to view all jobs and their status. This feature provides complete control over everything in your shop from art approval to production complete. The console provides you with several views including invoices which are awaiting payment, Invoices which are awaiting customer pick-up, etc... Also, 2 views you will find most helpful is the Active Invoices and Active Quotes views which allows you to view active quotes/invoices without having to locate them within the reports area. You will find that the Console will become your best friend.
Admin Area
The admin area is the heartbeat of the system. The Control Panel is located in this area and controls all company information settings, outgoing e-mail settings, quote settings, invoice settings, pricing grids, markups, production settings, etc... Also included in the Admin area is the Catalog Manager, Backup, Change Server Path (for clients), Delete a Payment, Issue A Credit, and QuickBooks Sync. This area can be secured with a password for your protection.
QuickBooks Sync
TeeCal includes the ability to sync TeeCal data with QuickBooks.  The QuickBooks sync plug-in will work with QuickBooks software versions 2002 up through most current versions.  The QuickBooks plug-in also allows you to import your QuickBooks customers into TeeCal.  For a detailed list of the Teecal to QuickBooks sync features please visit the QuickBooks Plug-in Features page.
Email Integration
TeeCal includes the ability to email your customers and vendors with ease directly from within TeeCal.  You have the ability to email your customers/contacts directly from the Quote and Invoice screens.  You are able to email your customers their artwork approval pages.  You can also email your purchase orders directly to your vendors/suppliers from the Purchase Order screen.  Also have the ability to compose emails directly from the main menu by clicking on the Email button.