TeeCal QuickBooks Plug-in Details

TeeCal QuickBooks Plug-in Capabilities
 Compatible with QuickBooks 2002 through current versions
 Import QuickBooks Customers & Contacts
 Utilize QuickBooks Classes For Reporting
 Sync Customer Categories
 Sync Sales Tax Regions
 Sync Sales Terms
 Sync Sales Reps
 Sync Payment Methods
 Sync Customers & Contacts
 Sync Invoices & Express Checkout Transactions
 Sync Payments (Including Payment Methods)

The TeeCal QuickBooks Plug-in is only available on the TeeCal Server and cannot be utilized in trial mode or from TeeCal client computers.  Also, this plug-in is setup for batch processing which means you will have to manually initiate the sync process whenever you are ready to sync with QuickBooks.

If you need additional information regarding this TeeCal QuickBooks Plug-in please feel free to contact TeeCal Support at Support@TeeCal.com or (281) 532-5164.